Your Plan For Health Biometric Screenings

Friday, August 23, 2013 - 4:00am

Columbus, OH

Obtain your biometric health values (which may consist of blood pressure, body mass index, height, weight, cholesterol, glucose, and triglyceride levels) at a convenient, complimentary on-campus screening (fasting is no longer required) or from your Primary Care Provider (PCP) at your annual exam. Use that information to complete the Personal Health & Well-Being Assessment (PHA). The PHA asks you questions about your health status and lifestyle. After you complete the PHA, you’ll see a summary of your responses with a list of your strengths as well as areas for improvement. Choose an area you’d like to target for improvement, and set a personal goal. Last but not least, join one challenge over and above your personal goals to round out your personal health plan.

After completing the PHA, you’ll receive up to a $360 PHA Medical Plan Premium Credit ($30/monthly pay, $13.85/biweekly pay) if you’re enrolled in an Ohio State medical plan. You can receive an additional premium credit of up to $120 beginning in 2014 if your enrolled spouse or same-sex domestic partner also completes the PHA. Once you earn 500 points (by participating in at least one challenge in addition to the PHA completion), you’ll complete level one.

Receiving your biometric health values from an on-campus biometric health screening or your PCP and completing the PHA are two separate activities. You must take and submit your PHA on an annual basis to receive your PHA Medical Plan Premium Credit.