FY23 Planning for PIs

FY23 fee changes

There are currently no planned pricing changes for FY23, although Ascend will likely be priced higher than our other clusters. OSC has not completed the pricing analysis; more details will be coming.

FY23 budgets: Action may be required

  • By default, the majority of budgets have an expiration of Thursday, June 30, 2022.
  • Most Ohio academic clients will need to set new budgets for FY23 before June 30 to avoid service disruption, depending on the project type as detailed below.
  • As a reminder, the project budgets can only be managed by the project PI or a project administrator designated by the PI.

Ohio academic clients

Research projects - ACTION REQUIRED

If you use OSC for research, you will need to set up FY23 budgets if you have not already done so. It may be helpful to review the updated service costs FAQ page for a video explaining how to create and manage budgets and additional details about budgets, fees, and institution-specific instructions.

To review your FY22 usage, PIs and project admins can log into MyOSC and go to “Projects -> Billing Statements” in the menu and select “Current FY Billed and Un-Billed Usage (estimated)” to see the total usage from 7/1/2021 until today without applicable credits or discounts. You can use this information to estimate your projected FY23 usage.

Do the following to create your budget for each project you want to use in FY23:

  1. Log into MyOSC
  2. Open the project details
  3. Select “Create a new budget”
  4. Select “Add or replace the FUTURE budget” to set the FY23 budget
  5. Confirm your budget dates on the budget review page before submitting
  6. You will receive an email that your application has been submitted.

If you don’t have a current active budget, you will not be able to set up the FY23 budget. First, set a current budget for FY22 and then follow the instructions above. Alternatively, you can contact OSC Help.

Classroom projects

You can check the term on your classroom project by looking at the budget expiration date. OSC will manage the budget transition for classroom projects on your behalf. If you have an active classroom project that spans the fiscal year boundary (June to July 2022), please contact us at OSC Help to ensure no issues.

Campus Champions

Campus Champion projects will expire on June 30. If you are interested in continuing in FY23, contact us at OSC Help

FY23 Ohio academic research credits

OSC will automatically issue the $1,000 annual research credit for FY23 to Ohio academic PIs when their project becomes activated. Any remaining FY22 credits will expire on June 30, 2022. 

In exchange for your credit in FY22, please assist OSC by reporting your publications, funding, and student successes. Your reports provide data we can use to help justify continuing state support and argue for expanded subsidies. Report your publications and funding on MyOSC and complete this survey to report your student successes

Commercial, nonprofit and other clients

If you are not an Ohio academic user, no action is required ; OSC manages budgets for you (or has set unlimited budgets for your projects). Visit the FAQ to learn more about budgets or to create them for your projects to control your resource usage (optional).