Industrial Engagement History

Over the summer of 2013, the Ohio Supercomputer Center began building upon its award-winning industrial outreach activities by launching a new program called AweSim. This initiative is a collaborative effort, involving OSC and partners P&G, Intel, AltaSim Technologies, TotalSim USA, Kinetic Vision and Nimbis awesim-large.pngServices.

The AweSim program received a $3 million Innovation Platform Program grant from Ohio’s Third Frontier Commission to design and deploy easy-to-use advanced manufacturing simulation applications or apps. With matching funds from partner organizations, this $6.4 million program will provide Ohio’s small and mid-sized manufacturers with the tools they need to leverage simulation-driven design.

This effort is only the most recent way that OSC has provided new and innovative programs to support the evolving needs of academic researchers and industrial partners. It complements the Center's web-based toolkit, OSC OnDemand, as another way to remove barriers for clients using high performance computing systems.

For more than 25 years, OSC has been at the forefront of the national effort to help industry gain easy and affordable access to advanced modeling anBCC_logo.jpgd simulation technologies, from establishing language in 1987 to the acclaimed Blue Collar Computing program that began in 2004 and, now, to AweSim. OSC also has developed a national reputation for its training initiatives and now, working with the OH-TECH consortium, has instituted innovative computational science and HPC training programs at the K-12, higher education and workforce levels.

AweSim builds on these legacies, bringing together experts in HPC, modeling and simulation, workforce training and e-commerce to provide businesses with unprecedented access to simulation-driven design.