The AweSim Advantage


How can AweSim provide my company with competitive advantage?

“Simulation-driven design replaces physical product prototyping with less expensive computer simulations, reducing the time to take products to market, while improving quality and cutting costs.

Smaller manufacturers largely are missing out on this advantage, because they cannot afford to leverage such solutions.

We aim to level the playing field, giving the smaller companies equal access.”

Alan Chalker, Director of AweSim

AweSim is the world's first comprehensive simulation-driven design solution for small- to medium-sized businesses. Simulation-driven design traditionally requires high-end investment in complex hardware, sophisticated software and extensive training, thus making it cost-prohibitive for small and often larger companies. AweSim is packing that technology into a series of needs-based manufacturing applications, or "apps," and making them available with support training to companies. 

AweSim was formed through a public-private partnership between the Ohio Supercomputer Center and six high-tech companies (including P&G, Intel, TotalSim USA, Kinetic Vision, AltaSim Technologies and Nimbis Services), who are sharing their expertise and technology to develop the applications and trainings and providing development support for AweSim. The State of Ohio's Third Frontier Commission and Development Services Agency are providing grant funding to support the project.

What will AweSim provide?

AweSim is developing a series of apps that will address common manufacturing needs, and then will make them accessible via a web-based portal, with on-line and real-life training. The aim is to make the apps highly affordable and easy to use. The apps will integrate unique manufacturing domain expertise, sophisticated simulation software and powerful cloud-based computing and storage resources inside a digitized workflow.

For more information, please contact: 

Dr. Alan Chalker
Director of AweSim
(614) 247-8672

Chase Eyster
Business Development Manager
(614) 688-0971

Who will help me implement AweSim?

P&G, TotalSim, AltaSim and Kinetic Vision will be providing modeling and simulation expertise, while Nimbis will provide access to an e-commerce marketplace. Intel, in collaboration with community colleges in Ohio, will focus on workforce training and certification in modeling and simulation.

Meet some of the people of AweSim ...

Ray Leto, President, TotalSim USA


Bill Feiereisen, Senior Scientist & Software Architect, Intel