Tutorial: Creating a Budget on MyOSC

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Transcript for Heidi Hamblin:

Hello, and welcome to our video tutorial for creating a budget at OSC.

This tutorial will go over how to use MyOSC to create a new budget on your project.

Applicable websites will be referenced below the video with the transcript.

These actions are only available to users marked as PI or project admin at OSC.

While this example is specifically going over how to create a budget for an existing project, it is also applicable for creating a budget on a new project as the process is mostly the same.

Our first step is to go to my.osc.edu and enter our login information. This is your OSC username and password. Now, click the “Log In” button.

From here we will be on the project dashboard page.

You can see a list of our projects on the project summaries.

You can also see a list of your projects if you go to "Project" tab and click on the "Project List.”

I'm going to be using PZS0726 as the example.

So, I go to my project details.

As you can see, I don't have an active budget and therefore, my project is restricted, so I'm going to click the "Create New Budget" button.

Now we land on the "Create New Project Budget" page.

Here we can see basic information about our project: the title (which is editable), project code, field of science (which you can select), project type, and the charge account that this project is under.

If you want more details about the charge account, you can click this "details" button.

For OSU, you want to ensure your charge account is under the correct College for billing purposes.

There's also an option for time frame.

You can select the current fiscal year or the next fiscal year.

OSC defines "fiscal year" as July 1st to June 30th.

Note that a budget cannot be scheduled for the next fiscal year if the current fiscal year budget is not already in place.

If you would like a different time frame that doesn't correspond to fiscal years, you can contact OSC, and we will assist.

Next, we'll look at the "Org Fiscal Reference," which is an optional field.

This is a field normally used for accounting or billing purposes.

You can refer to your institution's guidelines on how or if they want you to fill out this field.  

You will see the “Fiscal Responsibility” checkbox if you are at an institution that can create a budget without institutional review.

You should refer to your institution on what you need to do to check this box.

Next, we see the "Note to Reviewers" option.

This is an optional text field.

After that, we can see there is a "Do you want to set a dollar budget?" question.

If you select "no" then there will be no limit on the amount of charges that this project can accumulate by submitting jobs to the HPC clusters.

If you select "yes" there will be a soft limit.

This is a soft limit because further charges can be accrued.

Jobs submitted to our HPC clusters are not uploaded to MyOSC until the day after they're completed.

Once jobs are uploaded, they reduce the dollar budget under the project it was run under.

A project will then restrict when the budget is depleted.

If there are jobs already in the queue, these will complete.

Furthermore, project storage quotas will continue to be billed regardless of the project status.

Next, we can go to the "Requested Budget" field. I have entered $1,000.

Note, Ohio academic PIs will be eligible for an annual credit of $1,000 from OSC.

This is available each fiscal year and is automatically granted to your charge account when the project budget is activated.

Lastly, there is a budget estimator tool.

This can be used to estimate the cost that your project will incur given a certain amount of core-hours and GPU-hours.

So, you’ll have to click fiscal approval checkbox and then click "Save and continue.”

Now, we are on the "Review Budget Request" page.

This lets me review all the information I entered previously.

On the bottom there is an option to upload a document.

If this was a classroom project for coursework or a workshop, OSC asks that the PI would upload a syllabus or describing document.

From here, you will either have a “Submit for Review” or “Activate this Budget” option depending upon your institutional review process with OSC.

If you “Submit for Review”, an email will be sent to the appropriate reviewers to approve, reject, or modify the request.

After you submit or activate, you will land on the project details page again.

Once the budget is approved, it will activate.

When the budget is activated, you will see the appropriate budget and the applicable billing credit.

A budget activation will change the project status.

If you need project space, there is a “Request Storage Change” button.

At a minimum, you will need to enter an amount in Terabytes before you “Send to OSC.”

Thanks for using OSC, and please contact oschelp@osc.edu if you have any questions.

That concludes this tutorial.