Geometric Scenes - Computer Fly-through

Leaping toward new challanges Anthony Lazzeri, Carol Warren, and Richard Wynkoop have taken a new perspective for group projects at the Ohio Supercomputer Center.

"My original idea for our animated project was to fly into an ENIAC computer and compare the Ferrite (a type of Iron Oxide) cores to a modern silicon chip, but when I presented the idea to the group, they were on a roll. Boom, boom, boom, idea after idea. Talk about brainstorming, I've never worked with a more intellectual and enthusiastic group before," said Carol Warren.

Our animated project was created from ideas never thought of before in past SI years.The ending result of our creative brainstorming and hard work was a "Computer Fly-Through" in which the camera was set as if the veiwers were the ones standing there, what was on the screen was what the viewers would see if they were flying actually flying through themselves.

"It took a lot of time and effort, but we learned from our mistakes and creaded a promising result," commented Richard Wyncoop.

Instead of going into an ENIAC and taking a Ferrite Core out to compare to a modern silicon chip, we decide to explore the insides of a T3D computer (a modern computer by CRAY), including the chip board and a fly through the wires to the monitor. Once we hit the monitor, the the camera changes hands and an imaginary person takes the camera from inside the monitor where we are to the outside and shows our faces smashed against the inside of the monior.

"The most valuable lesson I learned was that in a group situation, cooperation is the key. If you don't cooperate, all you do is waste time and cause more problems in the long run. This is a life lesson which I will never forget and definetly use in the future," explained Anthony Lazzeri.