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SI2006: Real Science // Real Supercomputers

ClickSI 2006 Closing Ceremony Video
Friday, July 28th 2006

As SI 2006 is coming to a close the staff here at OSC have been hard at work composing a video summary of what the students have been involved in over the past two weeks. You can find the video HERE or by clicking on the image to the right of this blog post.

I'd like to thank everyone for helping to make SI 2006 the fun and succesful experience that it was, and especially all of the students for their hard work and dedication to their respective projects.

ClickCAR Video Tour Now Online
Wednesday, July 26th 2006

During the student's trip to Center for Automotive Research the SI blog team was with them every step of the way. We now have a quick video tour of what the students got to witness at their tour through CAR, and you can find the video HERE or by clicking on the image to the right of this blog post.

Outdoor Education Adventure Center Video Now Online
ClickFriday, July 21th 2006

The Outdoor Education Adventure Center video is now online and available for your digital consumption! You can find the video HERE or by clicking on the image to the right of this blog post.

The students will be taking a trip to OSU's Center for Automotive Research (CAR) today and take a tour of CAR's 35,000 square ft. facility located on OSU's west campus. CAR offers advanced experimental facilities that include engine and vehicle dynamometers, vibration, noise and acoustics laboratories, intelligent and autonomous vehicle laboratories, engine fluid mechanics and combustion research facilities, and electric, hybrid-electric propulsion, fuel cell and electrochemical energy storage research facilities. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to see the world's fastest electric vehicle, and rest assured the SI 2006 blog will be there every step of the way to catch all of the fast-paced (and environmentally friendly) fun!

Gallery LIVE!
SIThursday, July 20th 2006

Just a quick update for today, the SI 2006 Gallery Page is now live and fully functional. There you can find pictures from State of Ohio Computer Center, Advanced Computing Center for Art and Design, and Outdoor Adventure Education Center trips.

Students have begun working on their projects in groups, with each group tackling a different aspect of high performance computing. The group assignments are as follows:

  • Group Leader: Jon Mudronja
  • Andrew Murkett
  • David Burl
  • Jacob Peddicord
  • Comets
  • Group Leader: Alan Chalker
  • Soham Chakraborty
  • Joey Huntley
  • Susan Xie
  • Parallel Processing - [Group 1]
  • Group Leader: Dave Ennis
  • Daniel Kaplun
  • Dominic Labanowski
  • Alex Lesman
  • Parallel Processing - [Group 2]
  • Group Leader: Dave Ennis
  • Stephen Halter
  • Kevin Jang
  • Cullen Wong
  • Puzzles
  • Group Leader: Sam Bair
  • Nickolas Halliday
  • Nathan Malkin
  • Joe Wang
  • Game Design and Motion Capture
  • Group Leaders: Pete Carswell and Brian Windsor
  • Ronak Buch
  • Kevin Bhasin
  • Abishek Ganesh
  • Students Swing Into Fun At The AEC
    Tuesday, July 18th 2006

    AECTeamwork and problem solving were at the forefront today, as students worked together to overcome numerous challenges and puzzles presented at the Outdoor Adventure Education Center (AEC). Students were divided into two groups and took to the ropes course for some highflying fun in the morning. There they were challenged to try and go outside of their comfort zone and attempt to complete the course that had students suspended over 30 feet above the ground! Shortly after the ropes course students set about the task of completing various team-building exercises, such as navigating your team from one side of an obstacle to the other without touching the complex grid of ropes that separated them from their objective. After a long day of fun in the sun the students were brought back to their dorms for an evening of rest and relaxation.

    We have some great new content planned for you tomorrow in the form of a video blog update, as well as a gallery chalk full of the student's exploits over the past few days. Please check back with us often for the latest information and media covering OSC's Summer Institute 2006!

    SI 2006 Takes A Walk Through Virtual Reality
    Monday, July 17th 2006

    VRThe students were introduced to their first in-person experience with high performance computing today as they journeyed to the State of Ohio Computer Center (SOCC) for an up close and personal view of the machines they will be utilizing to complete their various projects and goals.

    Later in the day, students attended a presentation by the Advanced Computing Center for Art and Design's (ACCAD) own Brian Windsor on the topic of high performance computing in terms of modern-day rendering and animation. After the presentation the students were given a demo of ACCAD's motion capture equipment and technology, and even given the opportunity to take virtual tours ranging from New York to an average college apartment in the click of a button.

    Welcome to OSC's Summer Institute 2006 Blog
    Sunday, July 16th 2006

    SIOver the next two weeks we will be updating the site with information about the latest happenings at SI06, including pictures and video of the student's activities and events.

    We have some exciting events planned for the students of SI 2006, including trips to State of Ohio Computer Center (SOCC), Center for Automotive Research (CAR), OSU's nuclear reactor, and also a ropes course at the Outdoor Adventure Education Center (AEC).

    During the student's stay at OSC's SI 2006 they will be engaged in a task oriented learning experience in which they will be grouped according to their interests to achieve a common goal. Areas of study students may choose from include:

    • Cryptanalysis
    • Comets
    • Kinetics
    • Molecular Dynamics
    • Parallel Processing
    • Puzzles
    • Game Design and Motion Capture
    • Wave Motion

    Please check back with us often as we update the site and keep you informed on the latest information from OSC's Summer Institute 2006.

    The OSC's Summer Institute program is sponsored in part by: