My Information

  • Name: Bailey
  • Hometown: Liberty Township
  • Land Use: Suburban


My Field Trip to Big Darby

On Tuesday we visited Darby Creek and we did the Darby Shuffle to catch macroinvertebrates like damselfly
larva and crayfish. The water only went up to my thighs, but it was pretty cold! We did a lot of chemical testing on the
Darby water, such as pH, phosphates, nitrates, DO, and hardness. Lunch was Subway, and then all the girls played on
the playset and swings. After lunch the EPA showed us electrofishing and a few examples of fish you can find in
Darby Creek. I got to touch a hogsucker's fin!


Project Information

My group was assigned the Upper Paint Creek watershed in the Highland and Ross counties. I found out that it
is a tributary of the Mississippi River and is in a mostly rural area. My group created a PowerPoint presentation with
our own hypotheses, and mine was that the urban land use lowers the IBI or fish diversity.

You can see my watershed project here.


Team Members

Name Hometown Land Use
Elli Clintonville Suburban
Tina Westerville Suburban


Top 3 Favorite Things about YWSI

  • Creeking in the Big Darby
  • All of the good food (dessert every meal!)
  • Meeting lots of girls my age with my interests