Kirsten's YWSI Dorm

Hey People, Check out what I did in the 2010 Young Women Summer Institute camp.

My Information

Name:Kirsten Simpson
From:Cincinnati, OH,
I live in a Urban Area.

My Field trip to Big Darby

We tested different types of chemicals

Project Information

The project presentation is available here and then there is google

Team Members

Name Hometown Land Use
Kirsten Cincinnati Urban
Becina Upper Arlington Suburban
Aubrey Bowling Green Rural
  • East fork Little Miami was our watershed
  • It is located in Cincinnati

Top three Favorite things about YWSI

  1. Living in a dorm and having a key and food/building cards
  2. Having this chance
  3. Learning different types of carrers and leaning more things about science
  4. Plus,Our YWSI Rap,(Y to the W, S to the I this is the place where I come for Sci... ence, Math, Chemical Studies,
    Sci...ence,Math,Chemical Studies,WORD!!!!!!)