Annual publication showcases the "Super" at the Ohio Supercomputer Center

COLUMBUS, Ohio (Nov 17, 2008) — 

Want to know what makes the Ohio Supercomputer Center “Super”? Spend 20 minutes with the 2008 Research Report, and you’ll get more than a glimmer of the breadth of OSC’s impact on academic and industry researchers.

 For example, a physicist must have access to cutting-edge supercomputers. A pediatrician needs a fiber-optic network connection to a neonatal specialist. A medical student requires real-time, interactive computer simulations. And, a manufacturer wants new employees skilled in computational science. These innovators and many more at private and public universities, federal labs, and industry throughout the State of Ohio demand robust, science-enabling cyberinfrastructure. Demands OSC meets everyday.

To learn more about the research innovations OSC facilitates, and how they benefit you, go to There, you can view, download or request a copy of the 2008 Research Report.