Bioinformatics Tools Workshop Offered On Site, Via Video Streaming

COLUMBUS, Ohio (Mar 12, 2003) — 

Ohio research groups participated in OSC’s Introduction to Bioinformatics Tools Workshop held on February 21 at OSC’s new BALE facility and through remote video streaming.

The course provided an overview of OSC’s resources including software packages and publicly available databases, statewide licensed products from LabBook, hands-on tutorials, functional capabilities of the TimeLogic DeCypher Genomic Accelerators, and more.

More than 15 university researchers from Capital University, Miami University, Xavier University, The Ohio State University, and Wright-Patterson Air Force Base attended the on-site one-day workshop taught by Eric Stahlberg, OSC Senior Systems Manager, and Sue Brown, OSC Director of Computational Technologies.

The workshop was made available through remote video streaming on a web browser. The video was supported with an interactive chat session for remote and on-site participants to communicate during the workshop.

“The streaming video allowed people who normally cannot spend the time or money to attend the course,” said Stahlberg.

This was one of the first remotely streamed workshops at OSC, he said. Researchers who participated via the video provided feedback on the course. Stahlberg said the next step is to take their comments and suggestions and improve the streaming.

“We need to solidify what is essential and nonessential to the course,” said Stahlberg. He added that there have already been many requests for another workshop like this.

Anyone interested in participating in future workshops through remote streaming should contact

-- Written by Amy Kappler, OSC External Relations