Director of Energy Research Keynotes October 6 Meeting

COLUMBUS, Ohio (Sep 28, 1994) — 

-Dr. Martha Krebs on the National Role of Energy Research

Dr. Martha Krebs, the first woman ever appointed to lead the U.S. Office of Energy Research (OER), will give the keynote address at the conference: Combustion, Environment, and Heating Technology--The Role of High Performance Simulation. This conference, hosted by the Ohio Supercomputer Center, is on October 6-7, 1994, at the Fawcett Center For Tomorrow on the campus of The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio.

Dr. Krebs, nominated by President Clinton, will discuss the National Role of Energy Research: New Challenges, New Directions, New Opportunities on Thursday, October 6, at 9:20 a.m. She manages the OER, one of the largest sponsors of basic research in the Federal government. It's $3 billion budget funds DOE's programs in the basic energy sciences, high energy and nuclear physics, the Superconducting Super Collider, biological and environmental research, university and science education, fusion energy, and scientific computing.

Serving also as the Department's Science and Technology Advisor, Dr. Krebs advises the Secretary on science and technology issues that cut across DOE programs, on the transfer of technology from DOE laboratories to industry, on science education and training activities, and on the management of the Department's laboratories. She is also responsible for the management of the Department's five multi-program and ten single-program non-weapons laboratories as well as developing Department-wide policy for both the weapons and non-weapons laboratories.

This Combustion Technology meeting will serve as a forum to evaluate high performance simulation in reactive mechanics and combustion research, and investigate the future directions and opportunities in this field. OSC hosts one of the premier research programs in computational reactive mechanics (CRM) which studies dynamic mechanical systems with chemical reactions. Efficient combustion systems for different fuels, environmental concerns and emission control, and energy efficient manufacturing systems are some of the concerns of CRM.

The Program for Computational Reactive Mechanics (PCRM) has an interdisciplinary team consisting of faculty and research scientists at the OSC, Ohio universities, and industrial partners. The OSC is a state funded, shared resource of high performance computing available to scientists and engineers, both academic and industrial.