EWI Announces Launch of New E-Weld Predictor Product Offering

COLUMBUS, Ohio (Sep 5, 2007) — 


E-Weld PredictorEWI today launched a new online weld simulation tool, E-Weld Predictor, offering improved productivity and profitability to its companies. This on-demand product will allow welding engineers to evaluate the changes in temperature profiles, material microstructures, residual stresses, and welding distortion to reduce the extent of experimental trials during the design of welded joints.

Currently, experimental welding procedure trials can be cost prohibitive due to the myriad of geometrical, process, and material combinations. By using E-Weld Predictor, engineers can explore a wide range of “what if” combinations and simulations.  This results in a decrease in prototype costs and quicker production because E-Weld Predictor manages the “heavy-lifting” associated with analytics. The number of trials will also be reduced since only the most promising welding procedures are sent to the mock-up stage.

Resulting from a partnership announced last November, this product integrates EWI’s engineering domain knowledge with the supercomputing power of Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC).  EWI worked with OSC staff on the engineering application and collaborated on the user interface design.  OSC developed the web layout, the middleware, and is hosting the application on its supercomputers.

“We want to help companies build better products, cut production costs, quickly solve problems, and streamline overall efficiency,” said Stan Ahalt, Executive Director of OSC. “Our partnership with EWI has allowed us to work on an innovative application that will bear immediate rewards for its membership.”

Henry Cialone, CEO of EWI stated, “For the last two decades, simulation tools of this kind were only accessible to large-scale industries who could afford the expertise, technology, and infrastructure required to take advantage of these simulation tools. However, the launch of this service levels the playing ground for small- and medium-sized companies.”
The first roll-out of the offering, best-suited for heavy manufacturing and energy industries, is based on arc welding processes and is focused on pipe and plate weld simulation for steels.  Additional processes and applications, including automotive applications, will be evaluated for future roll-out.

The tool can be accessed through the Virtual Joining Portal section of the EWI website at calculations.ewi.org.

About OSC
The Ohio Supercomputer Center is a catalytic partner of Ohio universities and industries to enable Ohio to compete for international, federal, and state funding, focusing on new research and business opportunities. It provides a reliable high performance computing and high performance communications infrastructure for a diverse statewide/regional community including education, academic research, industry, and state government. OSC promotes and stimulates computational research and education in order to act as a key enabler for the state's aspirations in advanced technology, information systems, and advanced industries. For additional information visit: http://www.osc.edu.

About EWI
Based in Columbus, Ohio, EWI is North America’s leading engineering and technology organization dedicated to welding and materials joining. EWI’s staff provides materials joining assistance, contract research, consulting services, and training to over 3,300 member company locations representing world-class leaders in the aerospace, automotive, defense, energy, government, heavy manufacturing, medical, and electronics industries.