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Last week, a group of young women waded through a creek and toiled in a computer lab to experience science first-hand as participants of the Young Women’s Summer Institute.

OSC Young Women's Summer Institute Class of 2010

The Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC) and Moldex 3D have signed an agreement that will support the center’s efforts to train Ohio’s workforce in advanced modeling and simulation skills required for polymer manufacturing.


VIDEO: An Upper Arlington High School student, Tom Shkurti, discusses his OSC Summer Institute experience and the Obstacle Avoidance Roomba Project.


VIDEO: An Alexander High School teacher, Jenny Lang, discusses how OSC's Summer Institute and Young Women's Summer Institute prepare students for careers in science and technology.

Courtesy: Ohio Supercomputer Center

The Ohio Supercomputer Center in Columbus, Ohio, and Sciences Computers Consultants, in Saint-Etienne, France, have signed an intercontinental agreement that will expand SCC’s numerical simulation services to companies across the ocean and stateside.

Researchers, educators and students from government, industry and universities across Ohio and the Midwest will be converging on Columbus next week to discuss bioinformatics, the relatively young field of scientific study that combines information technology and the biological sciences.

A new, advanced service offered by the Ohio Supercomputer Center leverages the unique computing properties of the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) to provide a robust visualization environment to researchers in fields as diverse as biomedicine, electrosciences and the animation arts.

The Large Hadron Collider’s ALICE detector near Geneva, Switzerland. (Photo © CERN)

Want to learn how to use graphics processors for scientific computing? Scale your parallel code to tens of thousands of CPU cores? Deal with ginormous datasets? The Virtual School of Computational Science and Engineering offers these courses and more during its summer program for 2010!