NCSI Offers Local Workshop on Computational Science Modeling and Simulation

COLUMBUS, Ohio (Jun 22, 2002) — 

The National Computational Science Institute (NCSI) will offer an introductory workshop entitled, "Introduction to Computational Science Modeling and Simulation in the Undergraduate Environment." The workshop will be held on June 16-22 at OSC (Ohio Supercomputer Center), located on The Ohio State University campus.

NCSI trainers will introduce faculty teams to modeling principles and practices and the basics of computational science. Emphasis will be placed on the modeling process and using interactive simulations and model-building assistants. Participants will return to their campus environments with a variety of models and supporting materials to directly incorporate into new learning experiences for undergraduate students.

The NCSI regional workshops provide training on interdisciplinary collaboration and curriculum development in computational science for undergraduate faculty members.

Teams will consist of two or three faculty members from each college or university. The workshop is being offered at little or no cost to faculty, and those who live outside of the Central Ohio area will be offered free university lodging.

Selection criteria will be used to select faculty for the program, since space is limited to 25. Faculty who indicate how they will use the modeling in future classes will be given preference. In addition, faculty members' home institutions must have the appropriate technological capabilities to implement modeling in the classroom.

Additional criteria and applications for the Summer 2002 Workshops are now being accepted at

About NCSI
The Shodor Education Foundation created National Computational Science Institute (NCSI) to expand the regional workshops known as the Shodor Computational Science Institute (SCSI). During a series of workshops at more than 18 partner sites across the country, NCSI will introduce the use of computational science, numerical models, and data visualization tools.

About OSC
OSC is Ohio's flagship center for high performance computing, networking, educational outreach and information technology. OSC empowers its academic, industrial and government partners to make Ohio the education and technology State of the future.