New OSC Advisory Council Formed

COLUMBUS, Ohio (Jun 23, 2003) — 

A new Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC) advisory council has been formed to provide direct input into OSC and OSC Networking operations.

The new advisory group consists of state intra-university council (IUC) Chief Information Officers (CIO). The OSC Information and Research Officers Advisory Council will actively participate in long-range strategic planning, give technology leadership and management advice, and have the authority to establish subcommittees for specific tasks.

“Creating CIO positions on campuses indicates the importance of networking and other technology-based education activities in the state,” said Russ Pitzer, OSC Executive Director. “We look forward to the advisory council’s active participation in long-range strategic planning to improve OSC’s high performance computing and networking services.”

During OSC’s existence, there has been a growing university reliance on network access. CIO positions on the campuses were created to demonstrate how important networking and other technology-based services have become. When questions about OSC programs involving networking arise, governing board members consult with their CIOs. The OSC Information and Research Officers Advisory Council was formed so that the CIOs could stay involved and respond to those questions.

“This is an opportunity to align, set important priorities, and optimize the significant public investment being entrusted to the higher education community in the State of Ohio,” said Lev Gonick, Case Western University CIO. “Our success is co-dependent on not only how many dollars we invest in networking and computational resources but also on our accountability to one another and the public. This advisory group is an important step in ensuring accountability from the universities’ senior officers.”

Membership will consist of CIOs from three IUC schools, a CIO from one private school, a CIO from one two-year school, research officers from three IUC schools, a research officer from one private school, an OSTEER representative, a SUG representative, the OSC Executive Director (ex officio), the OSC Associate Director (ex officio), and a Ohio Board of Regents representative. There may be no more than one member from a college or university.

The new advisory group will be organized soon so that a subcommittee can be appointed to work directly with OSC Networking. The subcommittee will examine Internet2 (I2) Committee structure, OSC Networking services and budget, the OSTEER decision process, communications between OSC Networking leadership and CIOs, and OSTEER and I2 committee roles.

Approved members include:
· Paul Hernandez IO, Wright State University
· Bruce Petryshak IO, Bowling Green State University
· Lev Gonick IO, Case Western Reserve University

Candidate members being considered:
· Frank Calzonetti RO, University of Toledo
· Howard Jackson RO, University of Cincinnati
· Gordon Sargent RO, University of Dayton
· Carl Powell IO, Cuyahoga Community College
· Charles Morrow-Jones OSTEER (The Ohio State University)
· Gregory Kilcup SUG (The Ohio State University)

IO- Information Officer
RO- Research Officer
OSTEER- OSC Networking Steering Committee
SUG- (OSC) Statewide Users Group