Ohio Supercomputer Center Holds Network Performance Workshop

COLUMBUS, Ohio (Aug 16, 2005) — 

The Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC) will hold a Network Performance Workshop Sept 29 and 30 at its headquarters on the Ohio State University West Campus. The workshop is sponsored by OARnet, OSC's networking division, and Internet2, the national high-performance network for higher education.

Participants will be trained in the use of the Bandwidth Test Controller (throughput), One-Way Ping (latency), and NDT (last mile issues). Afterwards they will place measurement beacons on their campuses and learn to use related tests and tools in order to reduce the time required to identify, locate, and resolve many of the most common network performance issues by readily isolating the problem.

OARnet Director Pankaj Shah said the increasing reliance on network connectivity in all aspects of campus activities is resulting in increased pressure on support staff to quickly resolve network problems. Through participation in performance measurement networks, GigaPoP engineers, campus engineers and end-users can now work together to resolve end-to-end performance problems.

"The measurement infrastructure is most effectively leveraged when all paths within the network and servers on the edge support on-demand testing beacons," Shah said. "This workshop brings together representatives from various OARnet campuses to maximize these networking efforts."

Internet2's End-to-End Performance Initiative (E2Epi) is working to establish a performance measurement infrastructure across Internet2 campuses and labs by performing analysis of the end-to-end path, and establishing a normal operational mode where network operations, applications, and the end-user easily can determine network capabilities and restrictions.

Because this is a hands-on workshop those interested in attending must visit the prerequisites page as soon as possible to begin preparations for the event. A mailing list has been established to handle questions about setting up machines ahead of time. Participants are added to this list as part of the registration process, and the list will stay active until the week after the workshop.

For more information, registration and hotel accommodations see: http://e2epi.internet2.edu/network-perf-wk/oarnet/