Ohio University Student Receives Award for Research

COLUMBUS, Ohio (Aug 12, 2001) — 

Hang Liu, an Ohio University physics and astronomy graduate student, received the OSC/SGI Outstanding Graduate Student Award at the OSC/SUG Graduate Student Conference on August 12, 2001. Graduate students from various Ohio universities displayed their research in a series of thoughtful and interesting papers, presentations and poster sessions.

"Students attending this year's workshop displayed an amazing range of research topics, from particle physics and computational biochemistry to plastics engineering, said Dr. David W. Ball, Cleveland State University associate professor of Chemistry and conference director. "It's wonderful that OSC is supporting such varied research by an outstanding group of graduate students."

The winning research was entitled "Three Nucleon Bound State Calculation in Three Dimensional Momentum Space with Three Body Forces." Hang Liu received a certificate of recognition and a $500 award for his work.

"Mr. Liu's work was excellent. I hope that more people will come to recognize the high quality work being performed by such superb students in Ohio," said Ball. "In a way, it's a shame that we only give one award, since there were so many students whose work deserved recognition."

This is the second year that OSC and SGI have held this event, a workshop and conference designed to highlight graduate student work in high performance computing.