OSC Acquires 200 Seats of Linux Fortran, C and C++ Compilers and Tools from the Portland Group (PGI)

COLUMBUS, Ohio (Nov 16, 1999) — 


 The Portland Group, Inc. (PGI) and OSC (Ohio Supercomputer Center) today announced that OSC has acquired 200 copies of PGI Workstation, PGI's suite of parallel Fortran, C and C++ compilers and tools for Linux workstations. The announcement was made from SC99, the world's largest conference for high performance computing sponsored by ACM SIGARCH and the IEEE Computer Society.

In addition, PGI and OSC have also announced the formation of a strategic alliance to enable and promote the use of Linux cluster systems for parallel computing throughout Ohio's public and private colleges and universities. As part of the strategic alliance, PGI has adopted OSC-developed training materials into PGI's recently announced PGI CDKtm Cluster Development Kit. The PGI CDK is a set of compilers, tools and utilities that simplifies setup, management and application development for Linux cluster systems used for high performance technical computing.

"The opportunities created by this agreement will be extremely important for Ohio's academic and research community," said Charlie Bender, OSC executive director. "This collaboration will help facilitate the development of clusters for individual campus departments or research labs."

"OSC is one of the most important regional high performance computing centers in the country," said Douglas Miles, VP of marketing and sales at PGI, "We're extremely pleased that OSC has chosen to standardize on PGI's Linux compilers and tools for users migrating from RISC/UNIX workstations to Linux. As discussions progressed, it became clear we had very similar plans and goals for Linux clustering software. A formal alliance to further both of our efforts is the perfect means for PGI to add important tutorial content to the PGI CDK, and for OSC to have the means to easily distribute both their software and the other elements of the PGI CDK to their partner institutions throughout the state of Ohio."

PGI is a leading independent supplier of high performance compilers and software tools for high-end parallel computing systems and Intel processor-based workstations, servers, and clusters. More information on PGI can be found at www.pgroup.com.

OSC is Ohio's flagship center for high performance computing and networking. It is a place where networking, computing and education converge to position Ohio as the education and information state of the future. For more than a decade, OSC has connected the state's higher education community to advanced computing and networking resources. Today, OSC continues to present new technologies to the state, helping to advance science, engineering, education and industry. More information on OSC can be found at www.osc.edu.