OSC Deploys 8.6 Petabytes of High-Performance Storage With Help From IBM

COLUMBUS, Ohio (Jun 23, 2020) — 

The Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC), through a partnership with IBM, has expanded their storage capacity by 8.6 petabytes. This addition almost tripled the Center’s high performance storage capacity, ensuring researchers across Ohio will have access to cutting-edge secure storage options.

OSC supports a large community of educators and scientists alike from 27 Ohio universities as well as 47 companies. Data processed at OSC is inclusive of numerous fields of study, from chemistry and biology to linguistics and political science. While OSC’s user community is diverse, the feedback from researchers was the same: the need for larger scale computational and storage resources.

This storage capacity upgrade brings the existing client storage space to 13.9 petabytes in total and is based upon the IBM Elastic Storage Server technology. This advancement expands scratch and project software capacity, as well as data encryption and full file systems audit capabilities to support securing sensitive data storage such as medical or personally identifiable information.

“The additional storage almost triples OSC’s total capacity, which is imperative for our users as data science continually increases demand,” said David Hudak, executive director of OSC. “Researchers all around the state will now have access to secure storage and the capacity they need to advance their work, and we look forward to seeing what results from this addition to our Center.”