OSC Networking Announces Additional Connectivity Via MCI Telecommunications

COLUMBUS, Ohio (Mar 15, 1995) — 

In mid-February, OSC Networking and MCI Telecommunications completed the installation and testing of OSC Networking's expanded gateway service to the Internet. The new service establishes connections between OSC Networking and internetMCI Direct Connect Access. As a result of this new service, OSC Networking, headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, now maintains a total of 10.5Mbps total gateway throughput to the Internet through three different diverse paths.

"The installation of this additional capacity gives OSC Networking's customers improved throughput and redundancy," said Demetris Socli, Manager of Client Services for OSC Networking. "Our ability to reach remote Internet sites is greatly enhanced, as OSC Networking can route customer's packets around remote network failures," said Socli.

"The new gateway re-affirms OSC Networking as one of the most reliable on-ramps to the Internet," said OSC Networking's Acting Director Jeffrey Ritter. "Since going live with our new architecture, we have been operating above 99%," added Ritter. "Adding internetMCI Direct Connect Access as a strategic partner affirms our commitment to investing in the best possible engineering solutions."

OSC Networking is one of the first internetMCI Direct Connect Access customers in the United States," said John Jacquay, MCI Business Markets vice president of state government and university systems. "We welcome the alliance with an organization that has maintained, during its nine year history, one of the best records for reliability and access to the Internet."

OSC Networking now serves as the on-ramp to the Information Highway to nearly one-half million college students, as well as Ohio government agencies, and hundreds of libraries, schools and businesses. OSC Networking offers complete capabilities to assist industry and academic customers in evaluating, selecting, and installing appropriate solutions for remaining at the forefront of the Information Superhighway. For more information, contact Demetris Socli, (614)728-8100, ext. 218.

MCI, headquartered in Washington, D.C., has expanded from its core long distance business to become the world's third largest carrier of international calling and a premier provider of data communications over the vast Internet computer network. With annual revenues of $13.3 billion, the company today provides a wide array of consumer and business long distance and local services, data and video communications, on-line information, electronic mail, network management services and communications software.