OSC-Springfield Significantly Boosts Network Capabilities

COLUMBUS, Ohio (Mar 8, 2005) — 

OSC-Springfield (OSC-S) has implemented a network route change, advancing from a T1 to a new DS3 line. Network bandwidth has dramatically increased from 1.54Mbps to 45Mbps, a connection that is 30 times faster than the previous network.

OARnet, OSC's networking division, completed this installation to make OSC-S supercomputers accessible to the U.S. Department of Energy, Department of Defense research laboratories, colleges, universities and area businesses.

"This is the next step in the process to provide a 10 gbit/sec network connection later this year using the Third Frontier Network (TFN)," said Kevin Wohlever, OSC-S Director.

This network will be used as a backup after the TFN is fully operational at the OSC-S site.

About OSC
OSC-S is an extension of the Columbus-based Ohio Supercomputer Center. OSC's mission is to foster technology, education and computer networking among Ohio's colleges and universities. Temporary OSC-S offices are now in place adjacent to Springfield City Hall. OSC-S is anticipated to move into permanent housing at the Advanced Research Technology Park in late 2005.