OSU Faculty, OSC Statewide Users Group Chair Honored

COLUMBUS, Ohio (Apr 17, 2002) — 

Congratulations to Greg Kilcup, associate professor of physics at The Ohio State University (OSU)! He recently received OSU's Alumni Award for Distinguished Teaching. Dr. Kilcup also serves as chair for OSC's Statewide Users Group.

The last few days have brought recognition to several OSU faculty, who have been surprised by President Kirwan with the Alumni Award for Distinguished Teaching, and another who received the 2002 Faculty Award for Distinguished University Service. Honorees receive a cash award, an increase to their base salary, and are recognized during the year by the university.

Bob Scherer, vice chair for undergraduate studies, wrote about Kilcup, "Greg has done a masterful job in teaching our most critical and difficult course, Physics 260, a course that has served as a crucible for producing great

His students also offer high praise: "Professor Kilcup explained things very clearly and was always eager to help. He's very enthusiastic and interested in teaching beyond the course material."

-Written by Frankie Jones-Harris