What's New at the Platform Lab!

COLUMBUS, Ohio (Feb 2, 2002) — 

Platform Lab received and installed an important contribution from Sun Microsystems, Inc. as the lab opened its doors for operation. The contribution includes four enterprise-level Sun 220R dual processor systems, each with two gigabytes of memory, a pair of Sun Netra web application servers, and significant disk storage capacity.

These systems provide mid-range enterprise-level computing capacity and are available to users of the new facility. The estimated value of the contribution is in excess of $100,000.

Formally announced in November during Supercomputing 2001, the contribution serves as another example of Sun's commitment to IT business development. High-end computing capacity on Sun Fire 6800 systems is available through OSC (Ohio Supercomputer Center) as a Sun Center of Excellence in High Performance Computing Environments.

In April, OSC was designated as a Center of Excellence during an announcement by Joerg Schwarz, Sun Group Manager, Sun Microsystems Scientific and Engineering Computing/Global Education and Research.