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"With Blue Collar Computing, today's businesses, industries and workforce can better harness the power of computing for enhanced productivity, products and services."

Project lead:
Alan Chalker, Ph.D., Ohio Supercomputer Center

Funding sources:
Ohio Board of Regents, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

Providing businesses with the unparalleled benefits of supercomputing to keep the state and the nation at the forefront of the global economy is the goal of Blue Collar Computing, a collaborative economic development program of the Ohio Supercomputer Center. The large investments needed to acquire the sophisticated hardware, complex software and specialized staff required to implement an in-house high performance computing center are beyond the capability of many companies and, sometimes, even entire industries.

Through this innovative program, companies can leverage the Center's supercomputing resources to reduce the time and expense required to design new products, discover new processes and products, reduce a product's time-to-market and improve production quality and efficiency.

Custom-designed portals give businesses secure, easy access to the power of state-of-the-art parallel processing clusters and mass storage systems.

Blue Collar Computing has developed solutions to support industrial partners in the polymer, pharmaceutical and metal forming industries. OSC also is collaborating with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency by partnering with other technology organizations to support the development of high performance computing and real-time modeling solutions for military suppliers.

For more information, see: http://www.osc.edu/bluecollarcomputing/