OSC and Our Vision

OSC Leadership: (front, l-r) Karen Tomko, Ph.D., interim Director of Research and Scientific Applications Manager; David Hudak, Ph.D., Director of Supercomputer Services; Basil Gohar,  Web and Interface Applications Manager, (rear) Alan Chalker, Ph.D., Director of  Technology Solutions and Director of AweSim; Pankaj Shah, Executive Director of the Ohio Supercomputer Center and OARnet;
Doug Johnson, Chief Systems Architect and HPC Systems Manager; and Brian Guilfoos, HPC Client Services Manager.

Here at the Ohio Supercomputer Center, we take great pride in providing powerful resources to help accelerate discovery.

The raw data tells part of our story: In 2013, the Ohio Supercomputer Center delivered more than 82 million CPU core-hours, for more than 3.3 million jobs. But behind these numbers lies the rest of our story: OSC exists to enable science.

Last year, OSC awarded compute time that resulted in nearly 950 faculty, staff and student assistants across the state running simulations or analyses for 194 new projects. This annual research report highlights a small sampling of Ohio’s research capability; there are many more surprising innovations and dramatic stories waiting to be told.
The report also showcases, through first-person accounts, the perspectives of our talented staff members. Individually, OSC employees are subject-matter experts in parallel computing, computational chemistry, fluid dynamics and engineering – to name just a few. Collectively, they all are passionate about accelerating research and innovation through the powerful hardware, sophisticated software and myriad services of the Ohio Supercomputer Center.

As we look to the next year, our priorities will further support this foundation of research. We plan to acquire a $12 million high performance computing and storage system that should rank Ohio in the top 10 academic systems nationally. Additionally, we are actively seeking collaborators to co-invest in this state-of-the-art system as part of our evolving business model.

Our vision also includes growing our partnerships with research and industry communities. We welcome conversations with researchers regarding their computing needs, and we encourage researchers to participate in our steering organization, called the Statewide Users Group (SUG), to help us continue to be a powerful and targeted resource for Ohio. Together, we are working to empower you, the state’s research community, to help Ohio retain its legacy as a leader in discovery and innovation.

We look forward to working with you toward these goals in the months and years ahead.