When we think of supercomputing resources, we automatically think of processors and petaflops. However, compute capacity is only one part of the equation; software is another important component. OSC maintains a variety of software packages – more than 70 currently installed – to support a wide range of scientific research areas, including the Mathematical and Physical Sciences, Engineering, Computer and Information Science/Computer Engineering, Biological, Behavioral and Social Sciences and Geosciences. Installed applications include CFD, FEA, molecular dynamics and quantum chemistry applications; linear algebra and parallel programming libraries and software development tools.

Individual Assistance

We’re willing to work with researchers, either helping them to install their own stack or to make it a publicly available resource, if it might be widely used. We have staff members who offer specialization domain expertise in areas like finite element analysis, computational fluid dynamics and computational physics, as well as some areas of specialized assistance, such as code optimization and tuning. We also provide appropriate development tools, such as compilers, debuggers and libraries, to support researchers who are writing their own HPC software. Our currently available software is listed on our website.

User Input

We would like to hear more from our users to help us identify the software needed in their research area, especially for emerging areas such as in the biosciences and data analytics for the social sciences. We’d welcome suggestions as we work towards having a good set of foundational packages – commercial and/or open-source – in place. By having these packages available here, we eliminate one barrier (that of obtaining and installing software) that individual research groups face and enable researchers to spend more effort focused on their simulation or data analysis problem.