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Industrial Engagement

It’s staggering to consider the myriad ways in which the Ohio Supercomputer Center and the AweSim industrial engagement program benefit a wide array of industries. It is also hard to conceive how few leaders in these industries know what they could be gaining from the innovative cloud-based simulation application platform. 

That’s why Alan Chalker, director of AweSim, has worked diligently to get the word out about how modeling and simulation can assist all sizes of companies in all types of industries. Brand awareness efforts have paid off with 78 AweSim user accounts, more than 3,600 jobs run, 1,700 app launches and 1,100 unique logins into OSC systems.  


We’ve had very good conversations with JobsOhio—Ohio’s job creation and economic development entity—about OSC as a state resource they can use for retention, expansion and attraction. Jointly, we’ve created a list of companies to whom we want to say ‘we think you are a prime candidate for making use of this.’ 

In some situations we’re just building the market. In others it’s, ‘We haven’t talked to you in a while; let’s see if there’s something we can support.’ The bottom line is, we’re here to help. 


The most important thing we have is expertise, both here and among our partners. With a network of more than 1,000 users all over the state, if I’m not able to solve an issue in-house, I can find somebody around the state who knows about it. 

People ask: What’s the real benefit? They might ask from a technical or business perspective. The technical is easy as some processes and products are too small, big or complex to understand. That’s where modeling and simulation come in. 

On the business side, it’s proven that by using modeling and simulation you can get to market faster, reduce prototyping costs and tap into experts. Procter & Gamble has publicly stated when they bring modeling and simulation into a brand or product, on average they get a 7-to-1 return on investment. That’s the compelling reason to adopt these technologies, no matter what business you’re in.