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Turn-key Solution

In the five years since inception, Rescale is making waves in the cloud-computing world. With a team of industry thought leaders and domain experts, Rescale’s high performance computing (HPC) cloud platforms combine leading engineering and science software with HPC hardware to provide users with a unified interface, enabling them to accelerate their analyses, leading to better product innovation.

Rescale has worked with the Ohio Supercomputer Center to make OSC resources available on-demand, on the Rescale platforms. According to Tony Spagnuolo, vice president of sales at Rescale, “OSC provides some very unique capabilities and this turn-key solution available on Rescale’s platform provides a compelling offering to commercial enterprises that are seeking greater agility and improved performance.”

Founded in 2011 in the heart of San Francisco by Joris Poort and Adam McKenzie, Rescale has held true to its mission, “to provide highly powerful simulation platforms to the world’s engineers, scientists, developers, CIO and IT professionals to develop innovative products, develop robust applications and transform IT into unified, agile environments.”

Rescale is a company that delivers software platforms and hardware infrastructure to scientific and engineering companies focused on performing critical simulations. This hardware-software combination, which Joris and Adam developed from their experience as engineers within Boeing’s 787 program, allows manufacturers to seamlessly run complex simulations without needing to make capital investment.

This pay-per-use model is ideal for both small and large companies that need to run critical simulations but lack the infrastructure necessary to meet the timing demands for the product development cycle.

Backed by an impressive list of high-profile investors, including Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos, and Peter Thiel, Rescale offers the largest available HPC network worldwide.  According to Kenneth Wong in Desktop Engineering, Rescale’s major contribution to large enterprises and midsized businesses is its ability to offer cloud-hosted HPC platforms “that scale up or down” according to dynamic demands along with a, “workflow designer to specify and set up commonly executed simulation exercises.”

Along the way, Rescale has developed partnerships with industry-leading CAE software providers including Convergent Science, CD-adapco, Dassault Systemes and Siemens – offering more than 120 different software packages to date.

OSC’s HPC infrastructure coupled with Rescale’s intuitive and consolidated cloud platform enables engineers and scientists to leverage cloud resources to fully explore their design space and develop better products.

Project Lead: Tony Spagnuolo, Rescale
Research Title: Commercial simulation and HPC solution provisioning
Funding Source: Rescale
Website: http://www.rescale.com/