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Client Services

OSC employs subject-matter experts to assist with individual client requests. For any issues that arise, OSC’s 24/7 support desk is available to respond to client inquiries at any hour of any day. Level 2 and 3 support is available during normal business hours.

Cluster Computing

OSC’s cluster computing capabilities make it a fully scalable center with mid-range machines to match those found at National Science Foundation centers and other national labs.

The new Owens cluster, with its 23,000-plus cores and single-core scheduling, allows clients to run large parallel jobs, or large numbers of small independent calculations, in the same environment. Collectively, OSC supercomputers provide a peak computing performance of  1,898 teraflops. The center also offers more than five petabytes of disk storage capacity distributed over several file systems, plus 5.5 petabytes of backup tape storage.


Visualization and virtual environments

OSC’s award-winning Interface Lab translates technology into effective training and assessment tools for use by various sectors such as the health care, automotive and manufacturing industries. With recent upgrades, the lab will soon work toward shared virtual environments where individuals can move around freely without tethered devices.


Software development

Researchers can access to a wide variety of software packages as well run software for which they provide the license, open source packages or in-house developed appliations as well.

Through Open OnDemand, an open-source software based on the proven OSC OnDemand platform, HPC centers around the U.S. and world can allow researchers and students to install and deploy advanced web and graphical interfaces.

For industrial clients, OSC’s AweSim app developers can share apps through the AweSim dashboard, a mobile app store featuring client-developed resources. This makes modeling and simulation more affordable and accessible to even small businesses, allowing them to compete in a world driven by cutting-edge technology and lightning-fast production.