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Statewide Users Group

Research using Ohio Supercomputer Center resources continues to break new ground, and OSC clients continue to gain more high performance computing power and a better experience.

Statewide Users Group conferences in October of 2016 and April of 2017 brought OSC representatives face-to-face with clients and the research being done on their supercomputer clusters.

SUG is a volunteer group composed of the scientists and engineers who provide OSC leadership with program and policy advice and direction to ensure a productive environment for research.

At these past two SUG conferences, keynote speakers included NVIDIA’s Jonathan Bentz, Honda R&D Americas Inc.’s Duane Detwiler and Bowling Green State University’s Alexey T. Zayak, Ph.D.

Both conferences also featured breakout sessions on a variety of topics and poster and flash talk competitions. Nearly 40 participants in each conference competed with winners receiving 5,000 resource units of time on OSC systems and runners-up receiving 2,500 RUs.


October 2016 SUG Conference

Flash Talk Winners

Ohio University’s Tomas Rojas won the chemistry flash talk competition and Aaron Wilson, from Ohio State, won the non-chemistry portion of the flash talks.

In the flash talk competition, Wilson won for the second-straight meeting. His flash talk discussed “Pushing the Next-Generation Arctic System Reanalysis to the Human Scale,” while Solorazano’s chemistry flash talk was on “Strain Fields and Electronic Structure of CrN.”


Poster Winners

Ohio State’s Stephanie Kim and Sean Marguet tied for first place in the poster competition

Kim’s poster was titled “Novel Binding Site of Cyclin A2 and Potential Inhibitors.” Marguet’s poster was titled “Computationally Guided Resonance Raman Spectroscopy of Nickel-Substituted Rubredoxin, A Model Hydrogenase Enzyme.”


April 2017 SUG Conference

Flash Talk Winner

Sandip Mazumder, from The Ohio State University, took first place for his flash talk titled “Phonon Boltzman Transport Equation-Based Modeling of Time Domain Thermo-Reflectance Experiments.” In Mazumder’s study, the experiments are simulated using large-scale parallel computations of the phonon BTE in a two-dimensional computational domain, according to his abstract.

Ohio State’s Gregory Wheeler was the runner-up for his flash talk, titled “Identification of Carnivory in Plants via Genomic Functional Annotation.”


Poster Winner

The Ohio State University’s Ryan Lundgreen won the poster competition for his presentation, titled “Heat Transfer and Deposition in Gas Turbine Engines.”

Ohio State’s Melanie Aprahamian claimed runner-up for her poster, titled “Incorporation of Mass Spectrometry Covalent Labeling Data into Rosetta Protein Structure Prediction.”