Extra messages during job startup and ending on Owens and Pitzer


All jobs on Owens and Pitzer that started or ended after 13:14 Monday, March 11 would see the following extra messages at the beginning and end of the job:

pmlogger: cannot open log "/tmp/pcp/418080.pitzer-batch.ten.osc.edu/job-418080.pitzer-batch.ten.osc.edu-begin-20190311.15.50.09.log" for writing : Permission denied
Log for pmlogger on p0189.ten.osc.edu started Mon Mar 11 15:50:09 2019

pmlogger: Warning: log file (/tmp/pcp/418080.pitzer-batch.ten.osc.edu/job-418080.pitzer-batch.ten.osc.edu-begin-20190311.15.50.09.log) creation failed
preprocessor cmd: /usr/libexec/pcp/bin/pmcpp -rs /etc/pcp/pmlogger/pmlogger-supremm.config -I /var/lib/pcp/config/pmlogger
Warning [/etc/pcp/pmlogger/pmlogger-supremm.config, line 159]
Problem with lookup for metric "mem.numa.util.NFS_unstable" ... logging not activated
Reason: Unknown metric name
Config parsed
Starting logger for host "p0189.ten.osc.edu" via "local:"
Archive basename: /systems/supremm_data/pcp/pitzer/p0189.ten.osc.edu/2019/03/11/job-418080.pitzer-batch.ten.osc.edu-begin-20190311.15.50.09


Your job should run in the same way as before. We deployed the fix at 16:28, March 11, and apologize for any inconvenience. Please contact oschelp@osc.edu if you receive unexpected job failure or have any questions.