Login Problems

Some issues remain after downtime

15 July 2016, 5:00PM update: some additional issues we are facing

  • We are experiencing periodic hangs of the GPFS client file system software used with the new storage environment. We have an open support case with the vendor, but no solution at this time. This may affect access to the /fs/project, and /fs/scratch file systems. Reports of transfer failures to these file systems through scp.osc.edu, and sftp.osc.edu have been reported.  
  • Symlinks transfered from /nfs/gpfs to /fs/project are lost (fixed)

Oakley Login Node Issues

Currently users connecting via SSH to Oakley may recieve "connection refused" or "connection failed" errors if they were not logged in before this occurred.  Glenn is currently functioning normally, and users may also attempt to connect to one of the Oakley nodes specifically, by pointing their SSH client to either "oakley01.osc.edu" or "oakley02.osc.edu".  This has had some success in our testing.  More updates will be forthcoming.

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