Alliance PACS Establish Repository

COLUMBUS, Ohio (Feb 9, 1998) — 

The Partners for Advanced Computational Services (PACS) User Services and Training committee, chaired by Frank Gilfeather of the University of New Mexico/Maui High Performance Computing Center, established top-level categories and identified the necessary tracking information for the Alliance training module repository during its December 1997 meeting at the Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC).

The repository will provide a common location for researchers to find current training materials in a timely and efficient manner. NCSA will build the database, forms, and scripts.

The 16 top-level repository categories will include architectures, programming languages, visualization, parallel programming, and distributed computing. The six main components of the Applications Technology Teams -- cosmology/astrophysics, environmental hydrology, chemical engineering, molecular biology, nanomaterials, and scientific instrumentation -- will also be included.

Index cards will offer users feedback on categories, keywords, depth and breadth of the material, target audience, URLs, the source institution, and a description of the material, among others. Initial information for the database will come from existing training materials located at Alliance sites, vendor websites, and other locations. The database will be maintained by User Services and Training committee members.

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