Distributed Memory MIMD Programming and Operating Environment for Heterogeneous UNIX Computers on a Network

COLUMBUS, Ohio (Jan 14, 1994) — 

Software development specialists at the Ohio Supercomputer Center have released Local Area Multiprocessor (LAM) to the parallel processing and cluster computing community. LAM has been ported to several leading UNIX machines such as Sun, SGI, RS/6000, DEC APX and to Cray running UNICOS. LAM is freely available under a GNU license via anonymous ftp from tbag.osc.edu or from gopher at gopher.osc.edu. URL is gopher: //gopher.osc.edu:70/Software/Trollius.

LAM is a programming environment and development system for a message passing multicomputer consisting of network connected heterogeneous UNIX machines. It is a subset of a greater Trollius system which extends the software to dedicated parallel computer ensembles with no other native operating system.

Trollius and LAM deliver power to the user through extensive control and monitoring functionality in a highly layered software architecture. The user can thus strike a comfortable balance between performance, functionality and productivity that best suits the application at hand. The open architecture micro-kernel design makes LAM extensible, re configurable, and a good foundation for system experimentation. Other highlights include node- to-node program transfer when necessary, real-time scheduling for targeting embedded systems, shell path searched for executables, more flexible installation, parallel I/O, and the architecture covers clusters and MPP.

LAM is a programming environment that focuses on the basics, the nuts and bolts of parallel processing, and as such, foundation is the word which best describes its role in the total multicomputer software environment.

For more information, contact via e-mail: trollius@tbag.osc.edu or via voice: Greg Burns, 614-292-8492.