Globus data transfer service now available at Ohio State

COLUMBUS, Ohio (May 20, 2024) — 

The Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC) and The Ohio State University Office of Technology and Digital Innovation (OTDI) have launched a service that allows Ohio State researchers to easily and securely transfer data across the institution.  

The new Globus OneDrive connector enables direct data transfer from OneDrive, SharePoint or Teams to OSC’s data storage system or other Globus endpoints, such as a Globus personal endpoint that permits users to upload or download data in bulk. OSC’s new version 3.1 of Open OnDemand, the Center’s open-source web portal, features Globus enhancements that will support the data transfer service.  

This new service is now available to all Ohio State faculty, staff and students.  

As research teams need to transfer information between locations to share and analyze data, the Globus OneDrive connector will help by allowing researchers to browse data in different locations side-by-side and choose which sets to move. Because Globus manages the transfer, the user does not need to monitor for disconnections between Ohio State and OSC.  

Prior to this project, OSC maintained a Globus subscription that has allowed clients to transfer data to their free personal endpoints or to other institutional Globus endpoint subscriptions, such as those at the College of Arts and Sciences and the Wexner Medical Center. The new Globus OneDrive connector service will accommodate the growing number of users and locations at Ohio State where researchers store and need to access data, including the Pelotonia Research Center.  

Other institutions interested in discussing storage services or how they can improve data transfer with OSC should contact OSC Help at

To learn how to start using the Globus OneDrive connector at Ohio State, visit OSC’s Globus webpage. New users of OSC may sign up to access the Center’s services through its new account webpage.  

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