K-12 Distance Learning

COLUMBUS, Ohio (Feb 3, 1993) — 


The Chillicothe Telephone Company will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 1995. To celebrate this milestone, the company has decided to present a gift to the communities it serves. The company has agreed to make available, at no cost, the use of advanced, broad band fiber optic telecommunications facilities to connect high schools for educational purposes.

The intention is to interconnect all Ross County high schools, Chillicothe High School, Pickaway-Ross Vocational Center, Pickaway County Schools serviced by Pickaway-Ross JVSD, and Ohio University-Chillicothe and have them all using the network by the beginning of the 1995-96 school year. We intend to have at least two county high schools, the vocational school and Chillicothe High School interconnected by the beginning of the 1992-93 school year. Other high schools will be added as construction is completed. The network will work in conjunction with the Chillicothe Telephone Company's public telecommunications network and will have connection with other educational networks.

The network will establish an interactive two-way video distance learning environment and a connection to international computer networks. The project will enhance present curriculum by allowing schools to share resources. Schools will also become regional learning centers.

This project has been discussed in conjunction with the Vocational Education Planning District's Project Progress and has been included in the Project Progress plan.


Advanced Distance Learning

This network will allow two-way interactive video and audio to be broadcast from a host classroom (located in any of the participating schools) to be broadcast to multiple classrooms in other schools. This network will be designed to use tomorrow's technology:

  1. Fiber Optic Network
  2. Switched Video
    1. Network Control
    2. Interconnection with Others
  3. Educational Windows
  4. Advanced Classroom Design
    1. University Support
    2. Advanced Technology

Interconnection to Data Networks

The network will allow for computer distance learning as well as a video distance learning. The Supercomputer Center has already agreed to be a strong partner in this project and will be working closely with the schools. Local students and teachers will be attending their summer institute in preparation. The following are aspects of this interconnection:

  1. OSC Networking
  2. National Networks
    • InterNet
    • EdNet
  3. Other Networks
    • Library
    • Businesses

Special Broadcasts

The network can carry many different types of communications to the participating schools. Any signal received or produced at one school can be broadcast to the others.

Here are some examples this network intends to support:

  1. Broadcasts
  2. Video Conferencing
    • Businesses
    • Experts
  3. Teacher In-Service
  4. Interactive Video Disk

Technology Based Learning

The Project Progress Technology Committee envisions making this group of districts into an example of how tomorrow's learning will take place at all levels. This involves a broad scope of technologies being made available to students and teachers:

  1. Personal Computers (1 /4 Portable)
  2. Network Interconnection
    1. Data Networks
    2. Vicom
  3. Advanced Workstations (CAD)
  4. Fiber, Video and Computer Training
  5. Voice Mail
  6. Scientific Visualization
  7. Interactive video
  8. Satellite TV broadcasts

Goals and Objectives

  • To provide educational opportunities to promote lifelong learning for students and adults in Pickaway and Ross Counties utilizing advanced technology.
  • To connect the members of the Great Seal Educational Network of Tomorrow consisting of Ohio UniversityChillicothe, Pickaway-Ross Vocational Center, Chillicothe High School, Unioto, and Zane Trace by Fall 1992 and other network members by 1995.
  • To equip a technology classroom at each site.
  • To provide an interactive audio-video network to the network members to allow opportunities for distance learning.
  • To permit access to data networks such as OSC Networking, INTERNET, EDNET, libraries, and other data sources.
  • To provide access to satellite broadcasts, and video conferencing.
  • To facilitate interaction among business experts, educators, and students.
  • To establish a vehicle for quality teacher in-service. To expose the community to global issues and cultures.
  • To make schools commnunity learning centers.
  • To support economic development.
  • To provide opportunities for life-long learning in business and industry.


  • Expand and enhance curriculum offerings among member schools Advanced Math Physics Chemistry Foreign Language Employability Skills
  • Provide the opportunity for video conferencing among member schools in the various disciplines Language Arts Science Social Studies Extra Curricular Activities
  • Provide staff development and staff in-service programs, including credit courses
  • Share educational resources among member schools Technology Curricular Human
  • Remedial services and tutoring both during and after the school day
  • Ability to access education networks for research in various disciplines
  • Access global communication networks
  • Offer Post Secondary Options to secondary students
  • Parenting classes
  • Adult Basic Education classes
  • Continuing Education classes
  • Community meetings Business Education Political
  • Classroom Enrichment Activities Speakers Educational Broadcasts