Major Upgrade of Its MPI Implementation for UNIX-based Clusters

COLUMBUS, Ohio (Mar 12, 1996) — 

Ohio Supercomputer Center has released LAM 6.0, a major upgrade of its MPI implementation for UNIX-based clusters. The software is freely available from

Among the new features in LAM 6.0 are an early implementation of MPI, process spawning, dynamic processor resources and fault tolerance.

LAM 6.0 runs out-of-the-box on IP networks connecting any of the major vendors' workstations in any combination. LINUX is also supported.

MPI is the industry standard API for message-passing in parallel applications. It has facilitated effort-less and efficient migration of parallel codes between various supercomputer architectures, including workstation clusters.

Ohio Supercomputer Center has a lengthy record of developing full-scale, production HPC software tools, created with the expertise of professional software engineers and with the influence of a diverse user community.

Distribution of LAM 6.0 is supported in part by the National Science Foundation under grant CCR-9510016.

For more information, contact LAM / MPI Parallel Computing, Ohio Supercomputer Center

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