Ohio Supercomputer Center Hosts ALTAIR Software Workshop

COLUMBUS, Ohio (Oct 9, 2006) — 

Learn the latest about some of the most robust engineering software packages available at the Ohio Supercomputer Center's (OSC) workshop, Using Altair HyperMesh and Hyperview.

This three day session will be held on October 16 – 18, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m, in OSC’s BALE theater at no charge. Geared toward engineers, the workshop will cover Altair HyperWorks’ high performance, comprehensive toolbox of CAE software for engineering design and simulation.  Attendees should have a basic knowledge of finite element analysis.

As an introductory workshop, it will teach attendees how to apply the tools in HyperMesh to the computer-aided engineering (CAE) analysis process. Participants will learn about using HyperMesh to create and set up finite element models for analysis. They will also use HyperView to post-process solver results and analyze test lab engineering data.

The Altair HyperWorks software is available at no charge to Ohio researchers through the Statewide Software Licensing program at OSC.  See http://www.osc.edu/supercomputing/statewide/ for more information about available software.

“This workshop is a great opportunity for engineers to learn about this powerful software from the experts who developed it,” said Jim Giuliani, OSC’s Science and Technology Support Lead.  “We are pleased to give Ohio researchers an overview of the software, as well as practical hands-on experience using it – which is the best way to learn a software package,” said Giuliani.

Some of the topics covered include:
Day 1
    * Basic interaction with HyperMesh
            - Opening and saving files
            - Interacting with panels
            - Model organization
            - Controlling the display
            - Using the model browser
    * Shell meshing
            - Auto-meshing
            - Meshing without surfaces
            - Checking and editing mesh
            - Batch meshing
    * Preparing models for analysis by a particular solver
            - Formatting models
            - Setting-up loading conditions
Day 2
    * Preparing geometry for meshing
            - Repairing CAD geometry data
            - Mid-surfacing
            - Simplifying geometry
            - Refining topology to achieve a quality mesh
    * Assemblies: welding and swapping parts
    * Tetra meshing
    * Creating hexa and penta mesh
    * Morphing
Day 3
    * Basic interaction with HyperView
            - The animation, plot, video and text windows
            - Animating data in the animation, plot and video windows
    * Animating results in the animation window
            - Loading animation files
            - Model display attributes and organization
            - Window display and mouse options
            - Results visualization: contour, deformed, iso surface, tensor
  and vector plots
            - Results manipulation: tracing, tracking, querying, measuring
  data, and creating section cuts, notes, and derived load cases
    * Plotting data in the plot window
            - Creating XY curves using data files and math functions
            - Mouse options in the plot window
            - Modifying XY plots and curve display attributes
            - Interrogating and modifying XY curves
            - Creating and using plot macros
            - Creating bar charts and complex plots
    * Synchronizing animation, plot and video data
    * Automating data processing: creating and using report templates
    * Presenting results
            - Creating BMP, JPEG, TIF, AVI files and HTML files
            - Visualizing and sharing CAE results over the Internet using
   the freely available Altair HyperView Player
    * Translating results
            - Translating results for use in the animation window
            - Converting AVI files for use in the video window

Registration is limited. To register or get more information, write trn-contact@osc.edu, call 614/292-0890, or visit http://www.osc.edu/supercomputing/notices.

About OSC
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