OSC and NAG Announce Strategic Software Licensing Partnership

COLUMBUS, Ohio (Nov 1, 2000) — 

The Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG) and OSC (Ohio Supercomputer Center) announced that OSC has acquired unlimited use of the NAG C, Fortran and Parallel Libraries for use on OSC’s high performance supercomputers.

This agreement provides OSC and NAG with greater opportunities to reach out to regional and national users. The full array of software libraries will assist current researchers who use OSC resources to equitably compete for national resources and funding. In addition, NAG sees this contract with OSC as a model approach to software licensing in the future that makes their product more accessible to users.

NAG and OSC have formed a strategic alliance to enable and promote the use of NAG’s mathematical and statistical software throughout Ohio's public and private colleges and universities. As part of the strategic alliance, OSC’s partner institutions throughout the state of Ohio have use of NAG’s mathematical and statistical technology on Linux, Unix and Windows workstations for custom rapid application development

"The opportunities created by this agreement will be extremely important for our academic and research community," said Al Stutz, OSC Director of High performance Computing. "This collaboration will help facilitate the use of high quality, time saving software components for individual campus departments and research labs."

"OSC is one of the most important high performance computing centers in the country," said Tony Nilles, VP of sales and marketing at NAG. "We're extremely pleased that OSC has chosen to standardize with NAG's mathematical and statistical software components technology. This alliance serves to further both of our efforts to make available and easily distribute high quality mathematical and statistical components to OSC partner institutions."

NAG is the world leader in mathematical and statistical software components technology. NAG supplies software components technology for use on Linux, Windows and Unix workstations as well as high performance software components for high-end parallel computing systems and clusters. More information on NAG can be found at www.nag.com.

OSC is a flagship center for high performance computing and networking. It is a place where networking, computing and education converge to position Ohio as the education and information state of the future. For more than a decade, OSC has connected the state's higher education community to advanced computing and networking resources. Today, OSC continues to present new technologies on a national and regional level in order to help advance science, engineering, education and industry. More information on OSC can be found at www.osc.edu with technical information available at http://oscinfo.osc.edu.

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