OSC and Ohio Board of Regents Announce Details about Sun Center of Excellence

COLUMBUS, Ohio (May 29, 2001) — 

What: OSC (Ohio Supercomputer Center) will announce details of its selection as a nationally recognized Sun Center of Excellence in High Performance Computing Environments (COE-HPCE).

Sun Microsystems partnership with OSC will strengthen Ohio's research and technology infrastructure, adding to the state's intellectual and economic competitiveness.

The Sun COE-HPCE is a collaborative project between OSC, The Ohio State University (OSU), University of Cincinnati/Children's Hospital, and University of Akron. The combined investment totals more than $7 million.


  • Joerg Schwarz, Group Manager, Sun Microsystem Scientific & Engineering Computing/Global Education and Research
  • Rod Chu, Chancellor, Board of Regents
  • Al Stutz and Steve Gordon, OSC Directors
  • John Pestian, Pediatric Informatics Director, Children’s Hospital Medical Center
  • Bruce Barnes, Vice President of Technology Strategy and Planning, Nationwide
  • Other industry and higher education leaders

When: May 29, 2001 at 10:30 a.m.

Where: Board of Regents Conference Room, 36th floor, 30 East Broad Street.

Audience: Business, higher education, medical and/or technology journalists.

Background: As a Sun Center of Excellence, OSC will provide a collaborative testbed and distributed storage from Sun to Ohio’s researchers and industry via Internet2. Ohio’s life-science researchers, including those from Children’s Hospital, will be able to use the computing and storage power of the OSC Center of Excellence to develop better tools to deal with disease.