OSC Announces Winter Workshops for Novice, Advanced Researchers

COLUMBUS, Ohio (Jan 10, 2003) — 

OSC's (Ohio Supercomputer Center) nationally recognized workshops return this winter, offering several new courses for both beginner and advanced computer users.

OSC regularly provides workshops about new computing techniques and hardware and software resources at no cost to users. Remote workshops are also held through OSC's Access Grid node, an advanced audio-visual communications tool that transmits over Internet2.

On January 21, a High Performance Computing Overview workshop will be offered. This workshop will introduce researchers who are unfamiliar with OSC with the Center's programs and services.

A new Statewide Software Licensing Overview workshop will also be presented this quarter. Users will learn what OSC software is readily available to them and how to download the latest compliers, debuggers, visualization, and mechanical engineering packages for use on their own machines.

An Intermediate MPI workshop has also been added to the OSC schedule. This workshop, taught on four different days for three hours each day, is taught over the Access Grid to many different international sites. This winter, OSC's Dave Ennis will teach three sessions and Boston University's Kadin Tsen will teach one session. The tutorial was successfully tested at SC2002.

"With the four-day format, attendance to our Intermediate MPI workshop should be good," said Dave Ennis, OSC Supercomputer Resource Specialist. "We already have 10 sites, including the University of Manchester in Great Britain, signed up for the February workshop."

Below is an extended training schedule that provides a guide to future activities. Titles in bold denote new courses (i.e., 1st time offerings). Please note, dates are subject to change. For more information, visit the OSC website at http://www.osc.edu/supercomputing/training/. To register for training courses and seminars, please contact the training coordinator at trn-contact@osc.edu or (614) 292-1800 / (800) 686-6472 outside of Columbus.

January 2003

14 - 16: At OSC, Sun Application Tuning Seminar
21: At OSC, High Performance Computing: An Overview
22: At OSC, Statewide Software Licensing Overview
23 & 24: At OSC, Computational Chemistry Software Applications

February 2003

4 & 5: At OSC, Using the McKinley Cluster
6: At OSC, (using the Access Grid), Intermediate MPI (Part I)
13: At OSC, (using the Access Grid), Intermediate MPI (Part II)
18 & 19: At OSC, Intermediate UNIX
20: At OSC, (using the Access Grid), Intermediate MPI (Part III)
25 & 26: At OSC, Scientific Visualization Programming Techniques
27: At OSC, (using the Access Grid), Intermediate MPI (Part IV)

March 2003

5 & 6: At OSC, Introduction to Perl

-- Written by Amy Kappler, External Relations