OSC Announces YWSI 2001 Middle School Participants

COLUMBUS, Ohio (May 25, 2001) — 

OSC (Ohio Supercomputer Center) has announced that 15 middle school girls have been selected to participate in its Young Women's Summer Institute (YWSI).

This is OSC's second year offering the YWSI Program. YWSI is specially designed for Ohio's middle school girls as a response to the low participation of women in the fields of science and technology. YWSI gives the girls an opportunity to work with OSC's most advanced supercomputers with the aid and instruction of top professionals.

During YWSI 2001, students will work in teams with scientists, learning to apply scientific methods to their studies and solve problems using OSC resources. The program will give students an opportunity to exercise problem-solving skills, use interpersonal communication skills, be creative while learning about high performance computing and networking while working on real environmental problems.

The YWSI admissions process is very selective. In their applications, students must submit an essay, and provide at least two teacher recommendations.

OSC chose the following applicants:

Andrea Boydelatour


Monroe Middle School

Kristin Cummings


Karaffa Middle School

Amber Gilliland


Weaver Middle School

Nicole Hensley


Shiloh Middle School

Jessi Holler

New Albany

New Albany Middle School

Shelby Jordan


Monroe Middle School



Monroe Middle School

Carolyn Lenhart

Rocky River

Rocky River Middle School

Vidya Misra


Our Lady of Elms

Jessica Quach


Monroe Middle School

Veronica Rhoades


Monroe Middle School

Samantha Siefert


Sells Middle School

Emily Whipple


Weaver Middle School

Ke'Avonna Williams


Monroe Middle School

Miriam Zangmeister


West Muskingum Middle School

More information is available at http://www.osc.edu/ywsi.

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