OSC Chemists Major Contributors to Internet How-to Guide

COLUMBUS, Ohio (May 6, 1996) — 

A new guide to the Internet especially geared toward chemists has just been released. The Internet: A Guide For Chemists, edited by Steven M. Bachrach, covers basic information such as the history of the Internet, electronic mail, electronic lists, gopher, world wide web, and electronic conferencing plus a comprehensive section especially for chemists.

Ohio Supercomputer Center Director Charlie Bender and OSC Computational Chemist Jan Labanowski contributed five chapters to the book, including ones on accessing and managing the very popular Computational Chemistry List administered by OSC.

The guide is published by the American Chemical Society. In 13 chapters, this well-organized, easy-to-use book contains information for novices and advanced users who want tips on chemistry-related aspects of the Internet. This book is an invaluable desk reference for chemists in all disciplines.

For further information contact:
American Chemical Society
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