OSC-Hosted CUG Conference a Success

COLUMBUS, Ohio (Jun 4, 2003) — 

The 45th Annual Cray User Group Conference held on May 12-16, 2003 and hosted by the Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC), was deemed a success by more than 160 attendees.

CUG2003 was held at the Hyatt on Capitol Square in downtown Columbus.

This year’s theme, “Flight to Insight,” was chosen to honor Ohio’s rich heritage and numerous contributions to the aerospace industry. The conference also highlighted the centennial anniversary of the Wright Brothers’ flight.

The conference included addresses from keynote speakers Dr. Janet Bednarek, aviation historian and University of Dayton History Department Chair and Associate Professor, and Jeffrey Harrow, Principal for The Harrow Group and the Harrow Technology Report.

The CUG Night Out was held in the Capitol theater of the Vern Riffe Center for Government and the Arts. Attendees enjoyed dinner on the theater stage and were accompanied by jazz from The Dave Powers Trio. Orville Wright joined the festivities to share stories about his aviation adventures.

CUG2003 showed a return to the original CUG-style conferences with a large amount of information sharing provided by customers and Cray. It was the first CUG meeting since 1994 to focus solely on Cray equipment. Most attendees showed interest in the new Cray XI Supercomputer workshops. Industry representatives focused on the supercomputer’s demonstrated superior speed and efficiency on the Linpack, an industry-standard test.

CUG received a special honor at this year’s conference when Columbus Mayor Michael B. Coleman declared May 13, 2003 as Cray User Group Day. City of Columbus Chief Technology Officer, Jesse R. Jones, announced that CUG2003 was recognized for welcoming innovative minds from around the world to share their visions for the future.

CUG2004, “Peaks, Streams, and Cascades,” will be held in Knoxville, Tennessee, on May 17-21, 2004.


From top to bottom:
Al Stutz
OSC, Chief Operating Officer
Jim Rottsolk,
Cray, Inc., Chief Executive Officer
Kevin Wohlever
CUG, Treasurer
David Kiefer
Cray, Inc., Vice President - Product Engineering and Manufacturing