OSC Offers Large Array of Computer Workshops

COLUMBUS, Ohio (Oct 9, 2002) — 

OSC's nationally-renowned workshops offer a great variety of courses for both beginner and advanced computer users this autumn.

At no cost, OSC regularly provides workshops about new computing techniques and hardware and software resources. Remote workshops are also held through OSC's Access Grid node, an advanced audio-visual communications tool that transmits over Internet2.

"We have workshops lined up for almost every high performance computing interest this autumn," said Leslie Southern, OSC Senior Supercomputer Resource Specialist. "We offer nationally-renowned, high-quality training with expert instructors."

Parallel Programming with MPI is one workshop offered in October. This two-day course targets anyone interested in using or writing parallel programs. It focuses on using the Message Passing Interface (MPI) standard to write parallel programs on several OSC supercomputers to demonstrate library portability. This workshop will be a combination of lectures and hands-on lab sessions in which the participants will write and execute sample MPI programs.

"Attendees have told us time and again that these workshops are efficient ways to learn the subject matter," said Dave Ennis, OSC Supercomputer Resource Specialist. "Users are able to learn the material in a couple of days."

During November, OSC will feature a basic UNIX workshop designed for users who are learning UNIX for the first time and for users who want to widen their knowledge of UNIX fundamentals. The workshop will combine lecture and exercises and will start with the basic UNIX structure (kernel and shell) and organizing files and directories into a tree hierarchy.

Below is an extended training schedule that provides a guide to future activities. Titles in red denote new courses. For more information, visit the OSC website at http://www.osc.edu/supercomputing/training/. To register for training courses and seminars, please contact the training coordinator at trn-contact@osc.edu or (614) 292-1800 / (800) 686-6472 outside of Columbus.

October 2002
(all held at OSC)

10, 17, and 24 - Parallel Programming with MPI (Access Grid Accessible)
8 - D2K, a Tool for Data Mining (Access Grid Accessible)
9 - OSC HPC Overview (Access Grid Accessible)
15 and 16 - Using the IA-32 Cluster -- includes differences between AMD vs. Intel processors (Access Grid Accessible)
22 - BioCoRE: A Biological Collaborative Research Environment (Access Grid Accessible)
29 and 30 - Using the SunFire at OSC

November 2002
(held at OSC)

26 - Basic UNIX