OSC provides training services to Cray Inc.

COLUMBUS, Ohio (Nov 29, 2001) — 

Cray Inc. customers can now pick the brains of OSC (Ohio Supercomputer Center) high performance computing experts and make use of their vast experience. As part of an ongoing contract, OSC is offering training facilities to Cray's customer base, further strengthening its extremely successful relationship with the supercomputer leader.

Cray is a leading hardware provider for OSC, with its Cray SV1 supercomputer allowing advanced computing capabilities for high-level research in physics, engineering and chemistry. The system was upgraded to a 64-gigabyte memory capability this summer, keeping OSC a step ahead of its mission to provide top-notch supercomputing and networking facilities to researchers in Ohio.

As part of this contract, OSC staff visited Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin in September to offer five new high performance computing courses, in addition to the available Data Migration Facility. The five courses dealt with parallel programming, and performance tuning for vector and microprocessor systems.

"We've enjoyed working with OSC to provide expanded training for our customers and hope this relationship continues," said Katie Kroll, manager of technical training and documentation at Cray Inc. "The OSC training sessions meet a customer need we couldn't fulfill alone and provide a foundation for our own programming and optimization courses."

The courses have received superlative evaluations from attendees. Evaluations were based on course structure, content and organization, instructor's knowledge, hands-on experience, and ability to relate with participants. Says one attendee about the training, "Scott's working knowledge of OpenMP and practical applications made the class very enjoyable. Thanks!"

About Cray Inc.
Cray Inc. designs, builds and sells high performance MPP, vector processor and general-purpose parallel computer systems. The company has leading edge technology, multiple product platforms, nearly 900 employees, a worldwide installed base of supercomputer systems, major manufacturing and service capabilities and extensive global customer relationships.

About OSC
OSC is Ohio's flagship center for high performance computing, networking, educational outreach and information technology. OSC empowers its academic, industrial and government partners to make Ohio the education and technology State of the future.