Scientific's Linda¨ and Paradise¨ Now Available for Platform Lab Clients

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (Jun 28, 2002) — 

Scientific Computing Associates (SCIENTIFIC), experts in parallel and distributed computing with more than 21 years of experience, today announced that SCIENTIFIC's Linda® and Paradise®, a unique programming tool suite, is now available for use at Platform Lab. Platform Lab is a joint project of OSC (Ohio Supercomputer Center) and the Business Technology Center.

Linda is a proven industry standard for parallel programming and is well known for its reliability and efficiency. Linda, introduced in the mid-80's, was the first commercial product to implement Virtual Shared Memory (VSM) for supercomputers and large workstation clusters. Paradise is a development tool that acts as a "superglue" for independent applications or processes to be joined and combined. The resulting "super-application" assists developers in parallelizing existing applications to run efficiently on a parallel computational cluster.

The addition of Linda and Paradise software will allow Platform Lab clients to significantly ease development time for applications that require synchronization, sharing, information exchange, or parallel and distributed computing. "Cost-effectiveness, speed, and ease of use all are advantages of using both Linda and Paradise," said Jerry Lipchus, Director of Sales for SCIENTIFIC.

Steve Gruetter, Platform Lab Business Development Manager, said, "I am looking forward to offering this software programming tool to provide a robust set of services to our clientele."

Worldwide distribution of Paradise and Linda is through Scientific Computing Associates in New Haven, CT. Interested users may contact the company at: Web address:, Phone: 203-777-7772, or Fax: 203-776-4074. Linda license pricing starts at $1,500 for academic users and $2,500 for commercial users. Paradise pricing starts at $3,000 for academic users and $10,000 for commercial users.

About Scientific Computing Associates
Founded in 1980, SCIENTIFIC has pioneered the commercial use of parallel and
distributed computing. Linda software is a set of powerful extensions to C, C++, and Fortran that enables rapid development and deployment of parallel applications.

Linda is a coordination language that fuses many independent processes into a single parallel program. Linda provides a VSM that is logically shared by all the processes in a parallel program. Linda is easy to use, even for users who are new to parallel computing. Proven applications include financial and risk analysis, computational chemistry and biotechnology, seismic analysis, electronic design (EDA), and computational fluid dynamics.

Paradise is a distributed computing environment that is also based on the use of VSM. It can be used to create "ensemble applications" from separate independent programs, which may be written in different high-level languages such as C, C++, Java, and Python. Paradise features the Piranhaâ system, which uses idle cycles on desktop networks or other computers to run Piranha-enabled parallel programs.

For more information about Linda and SCIENTIFIC's other powerful software products
and services, contact SCIENTIFIC at 203-777-7442, visit the company's web page at, or email

About Platform Lab
Platform Lab is a nonprofit software porting, testing, and development facility. Designed to meet evolving Central Ohio information technology needs, Platform Lab's mission is to provide cost-effective technical resources, such as critical hardware, software, connectivity, and special expertise to growing Ohio businesses and organizations. More information is available at

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