Sun Solaris Training Class Proves Successful

COLUMBUS, Ohio (Dec 29, 2003) — 

A Sun Solaris training class, held at OSC on December 11, was a great opportunity for users to learn how to use the system environments more effectively for their research. Participants included Wilberforce University, OSU Medical Center, NCR, Lucent Technologies, Nationwide, Huntington Bank, and Chemical Abstracts.

"This was a great way to experiment with some new operating system features,” said Kevin Wohlever, OSC Senior High Performance Computing Systems Specialist. β€œIt will definitely help as we prepare for supporting some storage and disaster recovery projects here at OSC."

The class covered a wide range of information including upcoming improvements for Solaris 10, programs that will allow Sun customers to test drive future software technologies, discussions featuring the next generation of Solaris, and the concept and use of Solaris Zones, available in the next generation of Solaris.

Solaris Zones provide a means of creating virtualized operating system environments within an instance of Solaris, allowing one or more processes to run in isolation from other system activities. Zones provide a complete and manageable feature to run processes in the same zone, regardless of user id and other credential information.