The Cluster Ohio Project

COLUMBUS, Ohio (May 1, 2001) — 

The Cluster Ohio Project, an initiative of OSC, the Ohio Board of Regents, and the OSC Statewide Users Group, is an effort to encourage faculty to build local computing clusters.

Four facets of the Cluster Ohio Project include:

  1. In spring 2001, OSC announced a hardware grant program for Ohio faculty to receive four-processor or two-processor cluster computing systems. Fifty-eight systems will be awarded, complete with on-site maintenance and software.
  2. OSC will continue to expand the statewide software-licensing program to support cluster construction and use.OSC will provide training and system administration advice for any academic cluster.
  3. OSC will encourage cluster "owners" to join their cluster with the OSC Itanium Cluster to be installed in May at OSC. Initially, this will include 160 64-bit processors. OSC will house the largest academic cluster in the Cluster Ohio Project. In the fall, an additional 160 processors will be added.

OSC has received the following software for use in the Cluster Ohio Project:

AVS/AVS Express
Intel/W95:98 SUN, SGI, Intel Linux
Science Visualization
Portland Group Suite
Intel/W95:98, Intel Linux
Software Development Fortran 77:90:HPF, C, C++
Etnus TotalView

Intel/W95:98 SUN, SGI, Intel Linux

Performance Tuning, Debugging
NAG Libraries
Intel/W95:98 SUN, SGI, Intel Linux
Mathematics and Science Libraries
KAI Software
Intel/W95:98 SUN, SGI, Intel Linux, Alpha
Software Development Performance Tuning, Debugging Fortran 77:90, C, C++

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Click here to view additional software and hardware available at OSC.

Grant Applications will be available April 1, 2001

For more information and grant application, contact Elaine Landwehr at OSC,
1224 Kinnear Road, Columbus, Ohio 43212 - 614/292-0890 -